The Fiftysix 'Core' Family


Taj Pabari

"The little ceo" / founder & chief executive officer

Taj Pabari is a seventeen-year-old inventor, social entrepreneur and educational pioneer passionate about inspiring children discover and embrace the world of creativity through technology and innovation.

Contact Taj via John at

John Tse

"director of first impressions" / head of communications - San Francisco 

John Tse is a lateral thinker who loves to provide out-of-the-box solutions for nearly impossible challenges by optimising existing resources, networks and building on relationships to effect positive and lasting change.

Contact John at

Shannon Fleming

"The one who gets things done" / opportunities manager - Brisbane

Shannon Fleming is an educator, public speaker and facilitator. She has a strong passion for encouraging young people to turn their ideas into a reality. Shannon also enjoys travelling, fitness and spending time with friends.

Contact Shannon at

Tia Niarhos

"miss organised" / assistant administrator - Brisbane

Tia Niarhos is an early-years teacher, facilitator and assistant administrator. She enjoys shopping, travelling and teaching. Tia is also the Office Manager for our Brisbane Campus. 

Contact Tia at

Jarrod Stevenson

"big man" / Project officer - Brisbane

Jarrod Stevenson is a budding entrepreneur and facilitator. He enjoys exploring the idea of leadership and teaching school students about the importance of enterprising skills.

Contact Jarrod via John at

Bodhi Connolly

"the one who makes us look good" / lensman - Brisbane

Bodhi Connolly is a technological fusionist, budding engineer and videographer. He enjoys interacting with young people and capturing their inner creative spark.

Contact Bodhi via John at

Manu Verma

"Cheearleader" / School consultant & Cheerleader - Sydney

Manu Verma is an enthusiastic and motivated individual with the aspiration to learn as much as possible. He live by a simple philosophy: "our achievements are only limited by what we can conceive". 

Contact Manu at

Sohil Tangri

"cheerleader" / School consultant - Sydney

Sohil Tangri is a budding facilitator and sales consultant. He enjoys collaborative problem solving and mentoring younger school students. 

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Sanjiv Pabari

Non-executive director - Brisbane

Steve Macdonald

Non-executive director - Sydney


Professor John Hedberg

Professor of ICT and executive director at the macquarie ict innovations centre - SYDNEY

Dr John Hedberg holds the Millennium Innovations Chair of ICT and Education in the School of Education. He has taught postgraduate courses on cognitive strategies, interface design for learning, and implementation and evaluation of technology-based learning. He has also taught strategic planning for technology implementation in schools and has also written on policy aspects of new technologies in education. He has designed training needs assessments, evaluation systems and conducted workshops on the instructional design and evaluation of e-learning environments. He has been keynote speaker at numerous conferences on the educational technologies in Canada, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Europe, and many states in Australia.

Julian Bluett

Educator and teacher - MELBOURNE

Julian Bluett is passionate about helping individuals, organisations and communities to learn and grow. In his work as a classroom teacher he helps students to become passionate and self-driven learners of maths, science and technology. Outside of the classroom he helps work teams to be actively engaged in their own growth and development and in the progress of their organisation. Julian is currently completing his Masters in Teaching at the University of Melbourne and is a Board Member at Youth Without Borders.

Jock Fairweather

El capitano & founder of little tokyo two - BRISBANE

Jock Fairweather is a game changing thought leader, speaker and entrepreneur. Jock is taking collaboration and co-working to the next level in Australia. He is the Founder of Little Tokyo Two Australia’s fastest growing co-working network and a personal mentor and long-time friend to Fiftysix Founder, Taj Pabari.

Michael Milford


Michael Milford is a leading robotics researcher who is conducting interdisciplinary research at the boundary between robotics, neuroscience and computer vision, and is also a multi-award winning educational entrepreneur. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, as well as Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow and Chief Investigator on the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.

Facilitation Squad

Zain Allahwala

Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Laksh Bhalla

Junior Workshop facilitator - Melbourne

John Board

Lead Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Madeleine Buchner

Workshop facilitator - Melbourne

Anisha Gandhi

Lead Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Emily Hancock

Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Alexis Iacavou

Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Tanisha Nair

junior Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Scott Mapperson

junior Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Navdeep Parischa

Workshop Facilitator - Gold Coast

Sara Price

Junior Workshop facilitator - Melbourne

Jacob Stemp

Junior Workshop Facilitator - Brisbane

Lucy Vogel

Junior Workshop facilitator - Melbourne

Student Ambassadors

Ethan Butson

inventor & Scientist- Sydney

Yash Dutt

Blogger & Entrepreneur- Brisbane

Dunija Ariyaratne

Blogger & Entrepreneur- Brisbane

Scott Millar

inventor & Entrepreneur- Brisbane

Notable Alumni

Mr Ben Mandeville-Clarke

Chief Operating Officer - 2013 to 2014 

Mr Isuru Wanasinghe

Chief Creative Officer - 2015 to 2016