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Fiftysix Creations is a social enterprise committed to educating young people from both privileged and underprivileged regions around the world about the wonders of computer science, creativity and entrepreneurship.

We retail a build it yourself tablet and creativity kit for kids. As easy as a puzzle, as fun as a computer game (AU$369.00). We now run workshops in schools teaching students about the skills of the future. 

Our goal is to educate one million students by 2020!

Fiftysix Fun Facts

  • Fiftysix Creations was founded by Taj Pabari when he was fourteen-years-old.
  • As of 2 June 2017, Fiftysix & Partners have educated 100,012 students. 
  • Our youngest workshop participant was 3-years-old and our oldest was 88-years-old.

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