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Our Fiftysix Workshops for Schools, give students an insight into the world of computer science, creativity and entrepreneurship. Students cannot be, what they cannot see. Fiftysix Creations provides the students with the tools, resources and mindset to think creatively, build skills in critical thinking, communication and empowers them to believe that they too, can change the world.

In one day, Fiftysix Creations can run up to six workshops with 25 students per workshop. Each workshop can range between 60-minutes to 240-minutes depending on your school's requirements. We have also specially designed workshops for every year level from Grade 1 to Grade 12. 

Tailored & Flexible

Our Workshops can be easily tailored to best suit your schools requirements and objectives. Please feel free to let us know if you have any special requests including larger groups and rotational activities. 

'Show not tell' approach

Our Workshops have a strong focus on boosting students confidence across multiple subject areas. We aim to trigger and nurture each students creative spark, along the way teaching the skills of the future.

Real World Outcomes

The real world outcomes and objectives of our Workshops are in line with the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum as well as the British Key Stage Rubric for Computer Science. Specific objectives can be found here

Before school or after school

Fiftysix Creations also runs before school and after school programs. By the end of the workshop period (between 5 to 10 weeks), students learn to design and develop websites, plan and present a business or social change concept and build a variety of different products including virtual reality headsets and tablet computers. 

Price Structure - QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC & SA

Grade 1 to Grade 12

Duration: Full School Day consisting of workshops between 45-minutes to 240-minutes each. 

Group Size: 25 students per workshop

Cost: From AU$3,000 (+GST) including Fiftysix Virtual Reality Headsets for each student and Fiftysix Opportunity Workbooks for each class.

We work with over 100 schools internationally. Such schools include: Carey Baptist Grammar College, St John's Anglican College, Sabal Palm Elementary School, John Paul College, Benowa State School, Lowood State High School, Good Counsel College, Hillcrest College, Melbourne Girls College, All Hallows Girls School, Milton State School, Queens Beach State School, Whitefriars Catholic College and Brigidine College. 

Queensland: St John's Anglican College, John Paul College, Benowa State School, All Saints Anglican School, Lowood State High School, Milton State School, Brigidine College, Hillcrest College, Birdsville State School, Collingwood Park State School, Hervey Bay State High School and Good Counsel College.

New South Wales & Victoria: Waverley College, Normanhurst Boys College, Carey Baptist Grammar College, Melbourne Girls College, Whitefriars Catholic College and Balcombe Grammar School.

The Year 6 students thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, engaging in the hands-on sessions to explore design and build their own virtual reality goggles. Students talked about entrepreneurs and design ideas for the future and explored circuitry in technology, including tablets and an ant robot called Milly - both designed and created by the Fiftysix Team.
— John Paul College

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