Taj Pabari is a sixteen-year-old inventor, entrepreneur and educational pioneer passionate about inspiring children discover and embrace the world of entrepreneurship through technology and innovation. 


Isuru Wanasinghe grew up across three different countries – Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia. Having spent numerous years in a third world community, Isuru has been exposed to a variety of cultures, ways of thinking and methods of teaching. After working as an engineer in multi-million dollar software development portfolios, Isuru co-founded Project Academy, a HSC Tuition Centre formed on the belief of empowering classrooms with a deep and dynamic digital platform that equips high school students with the digital tools required for transformation. His dream for Fiftysix is to develop an ecosystem that empowers children of all ages to develop their own apps while building their own hardware.


Bodhi Connolly is the Director of Dispatch Media, a company that provides high quality media production services to the local community. Bodhi is passionate about youth education and actively works on initiatives to ensure that all children regardless of age and background have the opportunity to engage with technology. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland.


John Tse is a lateral thinker who loves to provide out-of-the-box solutions for nearly impossible challenges by optimising existing resources, networks and building on relationships to effect positive and lasting change. He is articulate and an effective communicator, and is continuing to develop his confidence in his verbal, written and interpersonal skills with regards to his three languages – Cantonese, Spanish and English.


Sanjiv Pabari is the Founder and CEO of Financial Controllers Real Estate, offering valuable services to Principals to assist them to develop more savvy entrepreneurship skills and reap the financial rewards more easily. After shifting careers from a previous role as Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, Sanjiv’s Real Estate Accounting firm has been asked to actively engage with over 100 agency Principals. Through this engagement he provides advice and direction on business set up, accounting, tax investigations, cash flow management, profitability, growth, rent roll acquisitions, finance restructuring, partnership matters, conflict management, remuneration, entity structuring and professional indemnity matters.


Steve Macdonald is a Co-Founder and Director of Infinitas Asset Management and is responsible for the management of individually managed and separately managed portfolios. Prior to establishing Infinitas, he was a Senior Portfolio Manager at BT Financial Group where he had responsibility for more than $600 million of assets for private investors and not for profit groups. He has more than 20 years’ experience in investment and financial markets.


Dr John Hedberg holds the Millennium Innovations Chair of ICT and Education in the School of Education. He has taught postgraduate courses on cognitive strategies, interface design for learning, and implementation and evaluation of technology-based learning. He has also taught strategic planning for technology implementation in schools and has also written on policy aspects of new technologies in education. He has designed training needs assessments, evaluation systems and conducted workshops on the instructional design and evaluation of e-learning environments. He has been keynote speaker at numerous conferences on the educational technologies in Canada, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Europe, and many states in Australia.


As principle engineer at Helix Technologies Australia, Jeeva Suresh builds state of the art products and supercharges start-ups. His role is to help clients bring their visions to reality. Recent notable examples include Weddingbound, and One Laptop Per Child Australia’s social network for teachers. Prior to co-founding Helix Technologies Australia, Jeeva was a Principal at Arcflow Solutions and a Senior Manager at Macquarie Group.


Julian Bluett is an education guru with a passion for empowering the art of learning within students in developed countries as well as third world countries. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management and Human Resource Management as well as a Diploma in Education at the University of Queensland in 2011, Julian taught middle-school students around Australia. He is currently completing his Masters in Education, Teaching, Maths and Science also at the University of Queensland and is a Board Member at Youth Without Borders.


Jock Fairweather is a game changing thought leader, speaker and entrepreneur. Jock is taking collaboration and co-working to the next level in Australia. He is the Founder of Little Tokyo Two Australia’s fastest growing co-working network.


Michael Milford is a leading robotics researcher who is conducting interdisciplinary research at the boundary between robotics, neuroscience and computer vision, and is also a multi-award winning educational entrepreneur. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, as well as Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow and Chief Investigator on the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.