Attend a Fiftysix Workshop!

Fiftysix Opportunity Day

single exploration Workshop

The Schedule

Day 1: Meet, Brainstorm & Team Up

  • Form 'Squad' Groups
  • Pitch a business or social change idea
  • Learn about tablet technology, virtual reality & holograms

Day 2: Learn & Work

  • Go out and test your business model - market research (students will be accompanied by facilitators)
  • Build a prototype - website or application

Day 3: present & celebrate

  • Learn from the best - mentors will be coming in throughout the day to coach you through any challenges
  • Create a presentation - posters, script and video content
  • Present your idea in front of an audience and a panel of judges



    Society in this day and age is so focused on the end result, not the process. The fruit, not the tree.

    According to the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) ‘The New Work Order’, 60 percent of students are currently being trained in jobs that will be radically changed by automation.

    Our education system must give students the opportunity to ‘flearn’ (to fail and learn simultaneously). We must help youth embrace the art of flearning and understand that it is always within their power to be whatever it is they want to be.

    Students participating in the workshop will start off by setting goals for their future, followed by rotational activities such as Tablet Exploration, Virtual Reality (students take this item home) and Entrepreneurship. Students will form 'squad groups' and will have the opportunity to create and present their very own business or social change concept.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the recommended age for participation? 

    In the workshop, students are separated into four main groups:

    • Little Entrepreneurs: Students aged 7 to 9 years. Students will cover basic computer science and entrepreneurial principles and is perfect for those with minimal tech experience. Students will be encouraged to present their ideas to the audience at the very end and will receive basic feedback from our special guests and judges. 
    • Kidpreneurs: Students aged 10 to 12 years. Students will cover intermediate computer science and entrepreneurial principles. They will begin to explore the business model canvas and will also be encouraged to present their ideas to the audience at the very end and will receive feedback from our special guests and judges.
    • Teen Tycoons: Students aged 13 to 17 years. Students will learn to use the business model canvas. They will develop a presentation exploring the problem, market needs and solution. They will present their ideas to the audience at the very end and will receive feedback from our special guests and judges. 

    Can I watch my child during the workshop? 

    We request that parents do not stay in the workshop area and instead sit in the next door classroom or coffee shop to ensure that the students are taking risks and stepping outside of their comfort zones without pressure from ‘adults’. We will invite all of the parents into the workshop area just before the Final Presentations. 

    Who facilitates the workshop? 

    We have incredibly high student - facilitator ratios (one facilitator between five students). Our Fiftysix Facilitators have been carefully selected and trained to ensure consistency and excitement.